Sunday, January 11, 2015: GILDA


@BNoirDetour is proud to present Rita Hayworth, Glenn Ford, and George Macready in Charle’s Vidor’s Gilda – a cinematic tale of love, loathing, and criminal desires.

gilda 2

How far will Rita Hayworth go to reveal all of who she is…and is not?

gilda mame

And how far have her husband and former lover gone together?

gildaaa queer

Join us for this nigh unclassifiable treasure of a film in all its sizzling, musical, (queer) noir glory!


As always, use the hashtag #benoirdetour to announce your presence, share your thoughts, and blast your riffs.


NOTE: Before @bnoirdetour tonight, @SoxOnTheBrain will host the cult classic Crowhaven Farm at 7pm EST. Link: Use hashtag #crowhaven.