B Noir Detour


February 2015

Film for 3/1: Kiss Me Deadly, with Guest Host @WhooliganG

Sunday 3/1 at 9pm EST: Join #BNoirDetour and special guest host @WhooliganG for a night of Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer! Excitement! Intrigue! Corruption! and Dames! It's 1955's KISS ME DEADLY! Don't miss the action!

Film for 2/22: Framed!

A taciturn everyman is played for a patsy by a ruthless femme fatale. Embezzlement, adultery, and gold mining! Glenn Ford and Janis Carter star. Directed by Richard Wallace, best known for his three Shirley Temple films. Script by Ben Maddow, who... Continue Reading →

Film for 2/8/15: M

We've screened classic noir, neo-noir, even musical noir to date. On 2/8, we'll watch Fritz Lang's M (1931), one of the most famous examples of German Expressionism, a style that features some of the central components that would come to identify film... Continue Reading →

Film for 2/15/15: The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

Grab all the half-priced Valentine's Day candy you can handle and join @bnoirdetour on Sunday 2/15 at 9pm EST for a great noir drama: Two years after playing the quintessential femme fatale in Double Indemnity, Barbara Stanwyck plays the more... Continue Reading →

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