B Noir Detour


April 2015

Film for 4/26: Noir TV Night 2

So many of the #BNoirDetour riffing crew enjoyed the first TV night, I put together a second edition. DECOY  First, we'll screen two episodes of Decoy, a series that ran from 1957-1959 (three seasons), starring Beverly Garland as undercover cop Casey... Continue Reading →

Introducing #HitchGoesHollywood: A Monthly #BNoirDetour Spinoff

Last week, BNoirDetour pushed genre boundaries to invite in a Hitchcock film for our riffing pleasure, The 39 Steps. Since then, a number of #BNoirDetour regulars expressed a desire to live tweet more of the director's work, and Hitchcock aficionado @mikeshayne... Continue Reading →

Film for 4/19: Farewell, My Lovely

The #BNoirDetour live tweet for Sunday 4/19 brings together three of film's most rugged individuals: Philip Marlowe Robert Mitchum and @DerMudeTude At 9pm ET, @DerMudeTude guest hosts 1975's Farewell, My Lovely, the second film adaptation of Raymond Chandler's novel of seedy... Continue Reading →

Richard Widmark, Memorable Noir Villain

When you're focused on film noir, as this blog is, it's more difficult to find a hero than a villain. It's a greater challenge to find a fully sympathetic character than a reprehensible one. Sadists and sociopaths abound, from ruthless... Continue Reading →

Films For 4/12: DOA and The 39 Steps – beginning at 7pm ET!

On 4/12, we begin at 7pm ET and go from Classic Noir to Classic Hitchcock! At the request of guest host @lowdudgeon, we're going to screen DOA (1950) again -- for those who missed it and those who can't see it... Continue Reading →

4/5: EASTER GANGSTER SPECIAL with @kimmiechem2

Only the team-up of  #bnoirdetour and guest host @kimmiechem2 can offer you Walter Matthau, cop killer, this Easter! The evening begins at 9pm ET with Bugs Bunny in "Racketeer Rabbit" (1946): Then our feature  at 9:15pm: Gangster Story (1959), hosted... Continue Reading →

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