The #BNoirDetour live tweet for Sunday 4/19 brings together three of film’s most rugged individuals:

Philip Marlowe

Robert Mitchum

and @DerMudeTude

At 9pm ET, @DerMudeTude guest hosts 1975’s Farewell, My Lovely, the second film adaptation of Raymond Chandler’s novel of seedy nightclubs, petty criminals, dangerous lies, and double crosses.

The film features Robert Mitchum as hard-boiled private eye Phillip Marlowe, a role many have played — on radio, film, and television. Mitchum plays it gruff and grizzled, with all his show-no-mercy style:

Our main dame is the lovely Charlotte Rampling as bombshell Helen Grayle:

Sylvester Stallone, John Ireland, Harry Dean Stanton, Anthony Zerbe, and Sylvia Myles add to the colorful (in literal and figurative terms) cast:

There’s no denying this film gets the tone and sleaze of the Chandler novel far better than 1944’s Murder My Sweet, but viewers have to make up their own mind about preferences, including noir in color, the ’70s version of ’40s style, Rampling vs. Claire Trevor, and Mitchum’s lack of sex appeal.

“Oh, that wattle really does it for me, Marlowe.”

“Shut up, Helen, you’re supposed to be blonde.”

– – –

We’ll also be giving everyone a final chance to put their name in the hat (via DM to @bnoirdetour) for a chance to win the 3-DVD set of Johnny Staccato starring John Cassavetes!

Finally, following #BNoirDetour, stay tuned for the first live tweet of the spinoff monthly riff #HitchGoesHollywood at 11 ET — details in the next post!