So many of the #BNoirDetour riffing crew enjoyed the first TV night, I put together a second edition.


First, we’ll screen two episodes of Decoy, a series that ran from 1957-1959 (three seasons), starring Beverly Garland as undercover cop Casey Jones, fighting crime in some of the seediest parts of New York City.

Riffers may recognize her from many B films, from Miss Foster in D.O.A. (1950) to Joyce (a.k.a. Jane) in The Alligator People (1960). She played almost 200 parts in total, on film and in television.

Though she too often has to seduce slimy men or play a hooker (as those in programs that follow in Decoy‘s footsteps would — Charlie’s Angels, Police Woman, Get Christie Love, etc.), it’s nice to see a female lead in a cop show of the era, where so many women played only victims or femme fatale-style villains.


Next, we’ll screen two episodes of Tightrope (1959-1960, one season), featuring another undercover police officer, this time played by Mike Connors, most famous for the title role in Mannix (1967-1975).

In this earlier role, he’s a Bond-esque agent whose name changes in each episode as he infiltrates organized crime…and other things.

Tightrope Mike Connors 1960.JPG


Finally, as we watch a few brief, fabulous clips from Johnny Staccato (because only the first episode is available online), I will announce the winner of the DVD set!

Join the gang on Sunday, April 26 at 9pm ET for Noir Night 2!