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June 2015

Noir Pop Quiz

In The Big Heat, what song plays in the background as Debby (Gloria Grahame) leaves the club to pursue Bannion (Glenn Ford) -- after her guy Vince (Lee Marvin) is tossed out by Bannion? Hint: The song played a key... Continue Reading →

Noir and Marriage Equality

In celebration of the SCOTUS victory (narrowly approved, yet sweeping consequences), I offer my brief musings on how marriage equality might have impacted a few of my favorite noir films. Fante and Mingo, The Big Combo (1950) If you groove on villains, especially... Continue Reading →

Film for 6/28: The Dark Corner: Lucille Ball Does Noir

Lucille Ball in film noir? Who knew?! I grew up cringing through the few episodes of I Love Lucy I watched when absolutely nothing else was on, wondering how others could bear to see Lucy (Lucille Ball) embarrass herself so horribly,... Continue Reading →

Put the Blame on Mame [“…And Scene!” Blogathon]

When Sister Celluloid announced her "...And Scene!" Blogathon, to tempt us film lovers/bloggers to discuss our favorite scene from any classic film, I knew immediately what I had to write about. She describes the content she seeks as addressing the scene... Continue Reading →

“Borderline”: Crossing the Genre Border into Failure

I get a great deal of pleasure screening noir films, from subtle magnificence to the stinkiest of cheese. I choose my favorites of available best and worst (must be public domain or otherwise available on YouTube) to live tweet on... Continue Reading →

What’s So HOT about Born to Kill? [SEX! Blogathon]

If I had to describe 1947's noir thriller Born to Kill in a single sentence, it'd probably be "Sociopath meets psychopath and sparks fly." The plot is typical noir. [SPOILER] Claire Trevor's recent divorcee Helen is determined to marry a nice rich... Continue Reading →

Film for June 21: “Moontide”

With an Oscar nomination for Best b/w Cinematography and a fantastic cast, Moontide (1942) is a relatively quiet noir drama. Like Key Largo, setting and atmosphere are central, as well as war-inspired malaise and characters longing for a literal and figurative "home."... Continue Reading →

John Hurt in 1984: My “Love Hurt” Blogathon Entry

To show appreciation for the wonderful John Hurt in light of his recent announcement of a cancer diagnosis, the wonderful Sister Celluloid is hosting a summer-long "Love Hurt" blogathon. As a cancer escapee myself, I want to welcome Hurt to what I think... Continue Reading →

Film for 6/14: Guns, Girls, and Gangsters!

It's time to bring on the bad at #BNoirDetour! We've seen far too many films lately that have BNoirDetour viewers expressing appreciation for quality. Let's shake things up with the excessive dreck that is Guns, Girls, and Gangsters. Made past the... Continue Reading →

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