It’s time to bring on the bad at #BNoirDetour!

We’ve seen far too many films lately that have BNoirDetour viewers expressing appreciation for quality. Let’s shake things up with the excessive dreck that is Guns, Girls, and Gangsters. Made past the prime of noir and with more surface contents than noir mood or style, this 1959 gangster delight features the incomparable Mamie Van Doren…

the lecherous Gerald Mohr…

and the one-and-only Lee Van Cleef.

Very B director Edward L. Cahn helms this tale of an elaborate plan for a Vegas heist, featuring sassy music and one heavy-handed voiceover narrator. More importantly, as its title makes plain, it’s got GUNS! GIRLS! and GANGSTERS!

Join @BNoirDetour for a wild ride that should leave no one praising my “good taste” in film selections!

See you Sunday at 9p ET!