Date fixed!

B Noir Detour

I’ve held off as long as I could before bringing Ida Lupino or Richard Widmark back to #BNoirDetour night. But I need a fix.

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Road House(1948) is wild tale of wild individuals in an out-of-the-way night club, sparking and sparring…and sometimes bowling. Let’s meet the gang:

Our leading lady is a hard-boiled dame who shows all the signs of being a femme fatale. But torch singer Lily (Ida Lupino) may have a heart of gold underneath that inch of ice.

Lily (Lupino) relaxes in a noir approach to casual daywear. Lily (Lupino) relaxes in a noir approach to casual daywear.

Night club owner Jefty (Richard Widmark) discovers Lily and brings her to his club. He’s head over heels for her, determined, and maybe even more trouble than Lily herself.

Then there’s good guy Pete (Cornel Wilde), who manages the club for his pal Jefty and wants nothing to do with Lily…at least at first.

Finally, there’s Susie (Celeste Holm)…

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