Ok, so it’s 1966, it’s filmed in color, and it’s full of California sunshine. So it’s noirish mostly because its central character is a tough Los Angeles private eye, a hip Marlowe for the 60s. But it’s Paul Newman as Lew Harper (a renamed version of Ross Macdonald’s Lew Archer, a hard-boiled dick that owes his existence to Hammett and Chandler), and you can just feel his pleasure in the role.

Paul Newman as Lew Harper, private investagor with California 60s cool

The supporting cast adds to the noir homage flavor, especially Lauren Bacall as a greedy, icy femme fatale waiting for her husband to die and Shelly Winters as a has-been singer, like Claire Trevor’s Gaye Dawn in Key Largo played for humor rather than pathos.

Lauren Bacall as the icy yet overheated Mrs. Sampson
Shelly Winters as the over-the-top Faye Estabrook.

To this awesome trio, add Janet Leigh as Harper’s estranged wife, a drug addicted Julie Harris as Betty, and the sex appeal icing of Robert Wagner as pretty boy Allan and Pamela Tiffin as party girl Miranda Sampson.

Robert Wagner as Allan, wearing more clothes here than in most of the film.
Pamela Tiffin as Miranda does her best to seduce Harper, but it’s Wagner’s Allan she wants.
It wouldn’t be a 60s flick without an itsy bitsy teeny weenie polka-dot bikini, now would it?

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