Exhausted from Thanksgiving?

Christmas on the brain already?

Not in the mood for the darkness of noir?

Let #BNoirDetour take you away this Sunday. Join us on a campy criminal cruise:



Though humor generally ruins the mood of noir, this satirical homage is a glorious romp. And though perhaps you can beat the devil, you can’t beat this line-up:

  • John Huston, director
  • Truman Capote, screenplay
  • Humphrey Bogart, all his hard-boiled personae rolled into one
  • Gina Lollobrigida, stunningly mischievous minx
  • Jennifer Jones, gloriously British would-be adulteress
  • Robert Morley, another Fat Man
  • Peter Lorre, the usual tightly-wound criminal sidekick
  • Plus a neurotic British husband, a fascistic Major, a cultured Arab, a drunk ship’s captain, and a purser of bad character
Beat The Devil 3
Criminals and bystanders, all in a row: Morley, Barnard, Lorre, Underdown, Jones, Bogart, and Lollobrigida

Begin watching by thinking of a spoof of The Maltese Falcon, then stay to watch the women steal the film!

Bon mots from Bogart’s Billy Dannreuther:

The only thing standing between you and a watery grave is your wits, and that’s not my idea of adequate protection.


I’ve got to have money. Doctor’s orders are that I must have a lot of money, otherwise I become dull, listless and have trouble with my complexion.


O’Hara (Peter Lorre): I give you my word, I feel to you like an older brother. Oh, it’s not so much a difference of age. It’s probably, yes, the reason is, because I come from a culture which is so much older than yours. In my country, a child of 6 years old is older in his heart than you’ll be at, at 60.

Dannreuther: It smokes, it drinks, it philosophizes… at this rate I’ll be 60 before you get to the point.


See you Sunday at 9pm et! As always use our hashtag, #BNoirDetour