I watch a lot of (noir) films and tv. Unless they’re scheduled into the #BNoirDetour live tweet or otherwise made use of through recommendations, blogathons, or inspiration for research, however, I don’t make note of them. This means, for one, that I lose track of just how much film history I know; for another, it often means I forget what I’ve seen and don’t remember until I’m rewatching and rolling my eyes at myself for not remembering. So, like others before me and inspired by the specific approach taken by the Pop Culture Pundit blog, I’m going to start doing Weekly Round-up posts. I’ll list what I’ve watched (sans #BNoirDetour films), briefly identify key features and/or give a brief  review, and then note whether I recommend or don’t recommend the film/show.

Note: These (and only these) posts will feature non-noir films and tv, including those seen in live tweets.

Without further ado…



The Maltese Falcon: Have seen it multiple times, but not recently. Enjoyed sharing it with the hubs, who’d never seen it. Particularly focused on queerness, Cairo, and Ren and Stimpy this time. RECOMMENDED.

Jessica Jones: Finished the full season. Found the final episode a bit of a let-down after all the set-up. Plenty to enjoy, from noir elements to feminist critique. RECOMMENDED.

iZombie: Finished first season on Netflix. Keep thinking about how it’s like Buffy, from tortured cute protagonist to Scooby gang to the villain who is so much like Spike it makes me laugh. Fun how in only one season Major went from sensitive guy to anti-zombie Rambo. Don’t want to pay $23 for season two, but not sure I want to wait until it gets to Netflix RECOMMENDED.

“Pimpernel” Smith: Was looking for more Leslie Howard noir films and came across this late entry, which Howard produced and starred in. Loved the idea of updating The Scarlet Pimpernel. Nerdy professor and his eager students are a fun WWII era update, and I did like his love interest…though Merle Oberon was irreplaceable. Apparently the film wasn’t seen much in its day because of Howard’s airplane death at Nazi hands soon after it was released. RECOMMENDED.

The Other Woman (1954): My second outing with Hugo Haas and his exploitation noir, but this was worse than the first (Pickup, 1951). Vengeful and talentless blonde (Cleo Moore) stalks and ruins the life of the famous director (Haas) who didn’t cast her. NOT RECOMMENDED.