B Noir Detour


January 2016

#52FilmsbyWomen in 2016: Join in!

#52FilmsByWomen is a campaign organized by Women in Film to spark thought and discussion of films directed by women, a practice too few film-lovers engage in, not to mention mainstream awards committees. As the organizers write, In our latest round of research,... Continue Reading →

Backstage Blogathon: A Double Life

  For the "Backstage Blogathon," hosted by Sister Celluloid and Movies Silently, my task was to find a theatrically focused film noir. I instantly seized upon 1947's A Double Life (although I've written about it before), a film in which backstage and onstage... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Film for 1/17: The Face Behind the Mask

In 1931, Fritz Lang directed Austro-Hungarian László Löwenstein -- better known as Peter Lorre -- in M, a dark and cynical tale of a child murderer. Its focus on criminality beneath the surface of urban life and use of German Expressionist... Continue Reading →

Shout Out: Acting Black Blogathon

For  Black History Month, join Dell on Movies for the "Acting Black Blogathon," celebrating African American actors. Details are here:   

Weekly Screenings for 1/2-1/9/15

A bedridden me with a head cold makes for a lot of screen time. I enjoyed more live tweeting of films than I've done in some time, as well as some interesting adventures in seeing what's available on YouTube and... Continue Reading →

The France on Film Blogathon: Grisbi

In 1955, French critics Raymond Borde and Étienne Chaumeton offered the earliest book-length exploration of what a “serié noir” or “dark series” of films in Panorama du Film Noir Américain. They used Nino Frank’s concept of “dark film” (film noir)... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour film for 1/10/16: Fallen Angel

It's time we cue up some Otto Preminger for #BNoirDetour, don't you think? While perhaps best known for Laura (1944), Preminger went on to direct several more engaging pictures in the noir style, including Whirlpool (1949), Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950), and Angel Face (1952). But after Laura... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screenings: End o’ Year Edition

Over Xmas and through NYE, I got to watch a lot of films and tv -- both good and bad. Here's the roster: Transparent (full season 2): I predicted that the second season would be much like the first for... Continue Reading →

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