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February 2016

Noir Face-off: Lady Gangster/Ladies They Talk About

Welcome to my second Noir Face-Off. This time, the films have different names, were produced in different decades, and share a very non-noir visual style. But they make for a great face-off! For those interested, Lady Gangster (1942) can be found on... Continue Reading →

Bogie, Bacall, and The Big Sleep: In Like a Lion, Out Like a Lamb Blogathon

Once upon a time, I couldn't stand "Bogie and Bacall." I found Bogart overly gruff and distinctly unattractive. Back then, I was all about the 30s, favoring couples like Fred and Ginger and Grant and Hepburn in Holiday and The Philadelphia Story.... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Film for 2/28: The Suspect

Classic noir has many "dangerous spouse" films, from the black widow scheming for hubby's life insurance to the sadist who just wants out of a poor choice. Such films often have an equally wicked lover spurring on the action from the sidelines or... Continue Reading →

Curate My Life: Classic Film Style (Flash Blogathon)

Margaret Perry has created a "flash blogathon" in which she asks film lovers to "curate" our lives by talking about our classic film collections and related items. We are curators in our personal classic film home museums. Fun, eh? The... Continue Reading →

First Look: The Dark Pages’ Latest Issue

Newest issue of The Dark Pages looks fabulous!

Weekly Screening Round-up 2/14-2/20

A tightly wound trio of Hollywood dramas at the opening of the 50s comprised my viewing this week: The Well (1951): In a small, racially mixed (black/white) American town, violence erupts when a black girl goes missing, last seen with... Continue Reading →

The Movie Scientist Blogathon: Obsession/The Hidden Room

Late B noir may have given way to early B science fiction, but the presence of the mad scientist rarely appears before the transition. A fantastic exception to the rule is the 1949 British noir Obsession (released in the US as The... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Film for 2/21: Noir Night with Ricardo Montalban

If you know him only as Star Trek's Khan Noonien Singh, Fantasy Island's Mr. Roarke, or the gentleman with the accent who waxed poetic over "rich Corinthian leather" in Chrysler car ads, you're missing the film talent and charisma of young Ricardo Gonzalo Pedro Montalbán y Merino,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screening Round-up: 2/1-2/14

En Kvinnas Ansikte (1938): The Swedish original of A Woman's Face features a compelling young Ingrid Bergman in a tale of the high price of redemption. See my face-off review of the 1938 Swedish and the 1941 Hollywood adaptation here. RECOMMENDED. Miracles for Sale... Continue Reading →

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