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February 2016

Acting Black Blogathon: No Way Out (1950)

I'm thrilled to take part in Dell On Movies' Acting Black Blogathon, devoted to black actors as part of Black History Month. The classic noir cycle -- style, genre, whatever -- is known more for coding race into its opposition... Continue Reading →

Noir Face-off: A Woman’s Face

I've seen other film blogs compare versions of a single film to choose a favorite, and I love the idea. After screening two versions of a film in a single sitting yesterday, I decided there is no time like the... Continue Reading →


Another fun blogathon!

The month of March is just around the corner. So it seems appropriate for our blog to usher in the


Think of a movie that you went into or prepared to see — in any format (theater, DVD, cable, rental) — with the gravest of misgivings, only to discover that it was either not that bad or more delightful that you could have imagined. So you began with gruff expectations, only to have your heart melt by movie’s end.

We ask you to share that experience via blog. Maybe start out by explaining why you were unsure about the movie. Was your Significant Other dragging you to see what you thought was a “chick flick”? Had the movie received universally bad reviews, and you went to see it only because nothing else was available? Then give a decent summary of the plot, actors, etc., and why you ended up liking…

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#BNoirDetour Film for Valentine’s Day: The Bigamist

Few noir films feature happy endings, even when a romantic couple is at their center. But then, why would we want to watch something mushy like that for a #BNoirDetour  Valentine's Day live tweet? Instead, let's tackle a film about love that... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour for 2/7: Hitchcock Double Feature

Sunday, February 7, 2016 brings an important media event to our screens. No, it's not the Super Bowl; it's the return of Hitchcock to #BNoirDetour in two classic noiresque features! Because of his distinctive auteur signature, Hitchcock films are rarely... Continue Reading →

Whispering City: O Canada Blogathon

As my experience and knowledge of (classic) film noir grows, so does my excitement at finding new, lesser-known gems from Hollywood and beyond. For the "O Canada Blogathon," hosted by Speakeasy and Silver Screenings, I had the pleasure of introducing... Continue Reading →

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