I love joining pop culture polls, so I’ve decided to try a Noir Stars Face-off. Please join in!

Below are a series of pairings. For each, select your favorite. If you don’t know one or both of the actors, look ’em up on IMDB or skip that pairing.

The winners of the first round will face off in a second round. The third round will be a choice among the final three for Best of Gender. Then we’ll pit the Best Noir Male winner against the Best Noir Female winner for the Best in Genre. You can even place your “bet” on who will be the ultimate winner at the end of this poll.

(I realize my choices are idiosyncratic, but I tried to choose the best of the best in terms of both quality and quantity of performance. I hope we at least agree that both Stanwyck and Robinson deserve a bye for the first round.)

I’ll leave each Round up for a week. Please share or reblog to ensure enough participation to make this fun.

Barbara Stanwyck and Edward G. Robinson get a first-round bye.


(Apologies for the varying size of the photos. I wanted them all small, but I’m new at PollDaddy.)

Thanks so much for participating! Looking forward to picking a winner with you!