Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, and the Rest of Us:

As many predicted, here are the winners of the first (and likely last) Noir Star Face-off:

Both won by double the votes for the second placers (Trevor and Widmark) and by even more for the third place finishers (Bacall and Robinson).

If you’d like a final face-off between these two, let me know in comments.

My two cents in closing: This was, of course, a popularity contest, and Bogart and Stanwyck are certainly among the most familiar faces in “great” noir. I wonder what results we’d get if the criterion was “best acting” or if there were specific categories, like best femme fatale, homme fatale, private dick, gangster, maniacal villain, good wife, etc. Let me know if that interests you and perhaps I’ll set it up.

Thanks for participating!