Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950) is full of noir cred, produced and directed as it is by Otto Preminger (Laura, Fallen Angel, Angel Face), based on a screenplay by Ben Hecht (Spellbound, Notorious, Kiss of Death), and featuring Dana Andrews (Laura, Fallen Angel, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt), Gene Tierney (The Shanghai Gesture, Laura, Leave Her to Heaven)and the oddly cast Gary Merrill in a criminal role, just a year before he was cast in All About Eve.

Plot: Metropolitan police detective Mark Dixon (Andrews) is ruthless and cynical. He loathes all criminals because his father was one. Can he overcome his violent tendencies to be the right guy his old man never was? (This is noir, so don’t count on it.)

Beauty and the Beast, Preminger style

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We’ll use this YouTube link that features clearest picture but also has Portuguese subtitles. (Why not learn a new language as we enjoy our noir.)