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We know they’re cheesy, but who can resist checking off boxes for fun? Whether we’ll discover the true nature of our soulmate or the color best suited to our business style, and despite knowing we’ll actually learn nothing of the kind, it’s hard not to take part anyway.

On a whim, I’ve created a quiz that will match you with the character you most resemble from Double Indemnity.

Simply answer the 10 questions below honestly. If no answer fits you well, go for the answer you’re most drawn to (what you’d like to say/do/be). Keep track of the numbers you choose. Then check your answers in the Key at the end of the post to see which character type fits you best. (No peeking.)

Ready, aim, fire!


On a first date…

  1. I prefer to know all the details ahead of time.
  2. Let’s go where the mood takes us.
  3. Whatever it takes to get what I want.
  4. I let my date decide, but I can say no when I need to.
  5. I keep an emotional distance.

Favorite ice cream flavor…

  1. Vanilla. You always know what you’re getting.
  2. Whatever’s new and exciting
  3. A little of everything
  4. Whatever my date is having
  5. No thanks. You enjoy yours.

When it rains …

  1. I’ve got my umbrella.
  2. I turn up my lapels and get to shelter.
  3. I like getting wet.
  4. Can I share your umbrella?
  5. I mostly stay indoors

Writing implement…

  1. A sturdy pencil
  2. Whatever’s handy
  3. A fancy fountain pen with my name engraved
  4. A ballpoint
  5. Chalk or a dry erase marker

Favorite canine…

  1. Retriever
  2. Wolf
  3. Fox
  4. Poodle
  5. Shepherd

Car of choice…

  1. A standard four-door
  2. A swanky convertible
  3. A little red Corvette
  4. I don’t have a car. Can you give me a lift?
  5. I prefer public transportation.

Best way to break up with someone…

  1. Honesty and directness
  2. Depends how deep you’re in
  3. I don’t break up. Only death ensures a permanent ending.
  4. I’m more likely to be broken up with.
  5. Don’t get involved in the first place.

Music in the background…

  1. Classical
  2. Jazz
  3. Tinkling bells
  4. Something we can dance to
  5. Whatever the moment calls for

Favorite American sport…

  1. Baseball
  2. Football
  3. Boys Meets Girl
  4. Whatever my school plays best
  5. Cheerleading

Coolest bird…

  1. Eagle
  2. Hawk
  3. Raven
  4. Parakeet
  5. Owl









Mostly 1s: You’re the BARTON KEYES type

Your commitments are strong, as is your sense of right and wrong. You’re not necessarily a do-gooder, but you are rigid and determined to follow through on whatever you commit to.

Mostly 2s: You’re the WALTER NEFF type

You’re a risk-taker, letting your emotions guide you even when you know you shouldn’t. You’re not a criminal type, but you fall prey to bad decisions that may get the best of you.

Mostly 3s: You’re the PHYLLIS DIETRICHSON type

You have a deep sense of your own power, and you use it however you see fit. You accept the devotion of others as your due, and you let nothing stand in your way of attaining what you desire.

Mostly 4s: You’re the LOLA DIETRICHSON type

Others look to you as an example of someone good in a rotten world. If you keep aware being taken advantage of, you’d do just fine.

Mostly 5s: You’re the BILLY WILDER (director) type

You’re more an observer more than actor in life, enjoying the control or pushing away the fear by watching or advising from behind the scenes. Let others take the stage: you know who’s really in charge.

A Mix of 1-5: You’re the JAMES M. CAIN (author) type

Not content to be a simple personality type, you step into a variety of roles and moods and do it with flair!


Enjoyable? Let me know!