B Noir Detour


April 2016

Blogathon from Another World: Dark City (1998)

I'm thrilled to participate in Blog of the Darned's Blogathon from Another World because it gave me the perfect reason to finally watch the Director's Cut of Dark City (1998). As I watched and researched for this post, I discovered details that link... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Feature for 4/10: King Creole

Until last week, I never knew Elvis did a noir picture. Haven't found it discussed in the history and criticism I've been reading, and I confess fully that I'm no Elvis fan. I share Public Enemy's critique and before King Creole, I'd... Continue Reading →

Noir Star Face-off: The Winners

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, and the Rest of Us: As many predicted, here are the winners of the first (and likely last) Noir Star Face-off: Both won by double the votes for the second placers (Trevor and Widmark) and by even... Continue Reading →

Bette Davis Blogathon: The Petrified Forest

How could a noir blog miss a chance to celebrate the awesome Bette Davis? Although she isn't best known for her work in the genre, Davis's highly dramatic style graces such original cycle noir pictures as The Letter (1940), Deception (1946), and Beyond the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screening Round-up

Lots of film watching this week! In addition to the joys of finally getting to start season 6 of Archer on Netflix, I indulged in a variety of noirish flicks, from 1927 to 1972. Sunrise (1927): F.W. Murnau (of Nosferatu fame) uses high... Continue Reading →

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