Dear Noir Lovers,

I said I probably wouldn’t do another poll for Best anything, but since I never say never, here we are. Below is a Polldaddy.com poll in which you are asked to pick your favorite noir films based upon their ranking (in your opinion) within specific noir actors’ and director’s resumes. Rather than just “Best Noir Picture,” we begin with the best film to include specific actors and directors.

All My Fatale Love,


Introductory Notes

My Methods:

  • This face-off features classic Hollywood noir only, both A and B films.
  • I chose actors and directors with substantial noir output, those that allowed for four good choices each. (Exceptions are directors Edgar G. Ulmer and Ida Lupino, for whom only two choices each are given, allowing me to fold them together in Round 2.)
  • I include an “other” option for each question, allowing for more leeway for participants. I will include a “wild card” in Round 2 based on whichever film gets the most “other” votes. In case of tie, I’ll break it by adding my own vote to the tie.
  • Round 2 will include two options per actor/director; Round 3 begins pitting films against each other in in arbitrary order. We thus end with Best Classic Hollywood Noir Picture after finding winners for each actor and director identified.

The Rules:

  • You are asked to pick two titles in every question. One of the two can be a write-in using the “other” box. You may pick one but not three (this will quickly head into a Monty Python homage if I don’t stop).
  • If you skip questions, you’ll get an incomplete response message, but I can see and add your votes into the total, no worries.
  • Each Round will last one week.


  • There is nothing truly objective or reliable about the conclusions participants draw together based upon choices I have made. Some films may seem more gangster/thriller than noir. Some actors do not have their own category but can be found in other films or may be missing entirely because that’s just the way polls happen (e.g. Joan Crawford). Some directors didn’t get their own category but their films can be found in various actors’ lists (e.g. Billy Wilder). Some great films are missing entirely (Mildred PierceSunset Boulevard, Kiss Me Deadly). Only one film is listed twice, Scarlet Street, but I love it so just cope. 😉
  • Please trust that I am aware of the limits: find a way to write in any film you feel is vital yet missing via the final open question and/or the “other” box in each question. Bitch at me in the comments if you must. But try to have fun or don’t play, ok?


  • Please help me share the poll far and wide!

~ ~ ~


Thanks for participating!