We had 33 participants for Round 1.

Within the new poll, you can see which two films won the first round, by order of votes. There were no 3-way ties, and only one 2-way tie (for Lang’s films). I saw several favorites fall, as I’m sure you will. But we carry on!

For the “Other”option within the actor and director polls, the only choices to receive more than one vote were Mitchum for His Kind of Woman (3 votes) and Lupino for Woman in Hiding (2 votes). None of the write-ins received as many votes as the other four options, so I’ll count that in my favor. 🙂

For the “Wild Card,” the winners were Sunset Boulevard (3 votes), Gilda (3 votes), and Gun Crazy (2 votes). This seems to me a worthy trio, so for Round 2 just pick your favorite of these three as the last question. Others nominated (1 vote each) included:  The Big Clock, Nightmare Alley, Sweet Smell of Success, Cat People, Blues in the Night, The Red House, Kiss Me Deadly, His Kind of Woman, DOA, The Killing, Dark City, The Set-up, and The Petrified Forest.

Round 2 is now up and ready for your input. (I’ll be out of town next weekend, but I’ll do my best to get Round 3 up next Friday.)

Thanks for participating!