FaceOffWow, it’s getting really tough. Round 3 had 33 participants, 1 tie, and 3 winners by a single vote:

  • Out of the Past beat The Maltese Falcon by a single vote.
  • Night and the City beat Touch of Evil by a single vote.
  • The Killers beat The Big Heat by a single vote.
  • Murder, My Sweet tied with Laura.

A few films got soundly trounced:

  • Stanwyck over Robinson in Double Indemnity (26 to 7)
  • Detour over Border Incident (22 to 6 with 5 abstaining)
  • Sunset Boulevard over Strangers on a Train (23 to 10)

Because of the tie, we have one two many films to vote on, so I’m giving Double Indemnity a bye for this round, and I’m not pitting Murder, My Sweet against Laura this time. On to ROUND 4! (And thanks as always for participating.)