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July 2016

Face-off: Key Largo vs. The Racket

Imagine a Hollywood film identified today as film noir but more precisely defined as a throwback gangster picture. Unlike noir, good and evil are clearly defined, even if some characters have to make an extra effort to take the risks... Continue Reading →

Joan Crawford Blogathon: The Good, the Bad, and the Noir

Joan Crawford made over 100 movie and television appearances. She won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and other awards, and she has a star on the Walk of Fame. Whatever one may think of her acting or her life, Crawford... Continue Reading →

Screening Round-up

Quite a disparate trio to review... Tobacco Road (1941): Both compelling and hard to take in its extremely broad stereotypes, this John Ford tale of inbred hillbillies. To avoid offending religious folk and to skirt the cultural critique, Ford described... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home: Gothic Noir Month on #BNoirDetour

I so enjoyed the Sinister Summer noir-horror theme that I've decided to incorporate more into the @BNoirDetour schedule from time to time, and I'm also going to try a few more theme months. To end July and throughout August 2016, @BNoirDetour will... Continue Reading →

Noir Face-off Winner

Well dearhearts, if you're boiling down noir favorites among the film blogging crowd, regardless of approach or method, the same movie will inevitably win... If I do another face-off poll, it's going to be a more specific one, like favorite... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screening: Catch-up

I've been remiss at covering all the films I've been screening lately -- including some real gems and a dud or two. This post will help me do some catching up, and as a reward for your generosity in reading,... Continue Reading →

Two Seconds (1932): Hot & Bothered

When I saw that Once Upon a Screen and CineMaven's Essays from the Couch were teaming up to host a blogathon on the films of 1932 with the descriptor "Hot & Bothered," I wanted in but had a hard time... Continue Reading →

Two Noirs about Houses: Face-off

  Yesterday afternoon and evening (before and after #BNoirDetour), I treated myself to viewings of two very different noir films that share a focus in title and concept on a particular house: Robert Wise's House on Telegraph Hill (1951) and Fritz... Continue Reading →

And now for something completely different — announcing THE MONTY PYTHON MOVIE BLOGATHON!

A fun blogathon to join!


(DISCLAIMER: This blogathon is not in any way connected with or endorsed by Python (Monty) Pictures Ltd. or any member of Monty Python.)

On Oct. 5, 1969, the British comedy collective soon to be known as Monty Python first made its presence felt when “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” made its world premiere on the BBC. As the show was the final broadcast for BBC’s Sunday-evening programming, Python member Michael Palin said that their original audience consisted of “burglars and insomniacs.” From those humble beginnings sprang forth a laugh factory that influenced generations of British and American comedy makers.

To honor this hallowed anniversary, I announce The Monty Python Movie Blogathon. I know it’s ironic that I’m creating a film blogathon for a comedy troupe that began in TV — but let’s face it, if we allowed the Pythons’ TV entries into this ‘thon, it would be running for months!…

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