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July 2016

Best Noir Face-off: Final Round!

At last, we've reached the final round. It's fun to see that there are a few significant differences from the previous Best Noir poll, in part because we began by star-in-film and not just film, but also because the wild... Continue Reading →

If not for noir #2: Googie Withers

Time for the second in my new series of posts on the individuals and film elements I'd never have gotten the chance to wax fannish over if not for my interest in film noir. IF NOT FOR NOIR #2: GOOGIE... Continue Reading →

The Dark Mirror (1946): Olivia de Havilland Centenary

Before I begin my discussion of the noir filmĀ The Dark Mirror for the Olivia de Havilland Centenary Blogathon, I must make a confession: I'm not a fan of de Havilland. Both she and her sisterĀ Joan Fontaine are too "white bread"... Continue Reading →

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