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August 2016

Ingrid Bergman in Arch of Triumph

I love Ingrid Bergman. I love her acting, her beauty, her charisma, her strength of personality on the screen. So of course I am joining in the 2nd annual Ingrid Bergman Blogathon, hosted by The Wonderful World of Cinema. And,... Continue Reading →

September is Jules Dassin Noir Month on #BNoirDetour

With a little luck and assistance from YouTube and, September will be Jules Dassin noir month on #BNoirDetour, live tweets every Sunday at 9pm ET. Here's a little preview reel set to the song "Rififi" from Rififi: The Schedule:... Continue Reading →

Many Home Screenings: the headcold edition

The misery of a summer cold can best be dealt with by staying home, taking meds to ease the symptoms, hot toddy-drinking, and a film festival in bed. That's how I've spent my week, anyhow. Here are the cinematic results:... Continue Reading →

Mr. Holmes vs. Gods and Monsters

Because the term hasn't begun yet and I have a little free time, I caught a cold after babysitting a friend's sniffly kid. My head stopped up and feeling wonky, I took drugs, drank tea with cinnamon schnapps in it,... Continue Reading →

Ethel Barrymore in Moonrise (1950)

Last year, I was pleased to join the 1st Annual Barrymore Blogathon by writing about Lionel Barrymore in Key Largo. This year, I shift to Ethel Barrymore on her 136th birthday. In 1948, at age 69, she played the role of... Continue Reading →

Brit Noir, Jean Simmons, and a Face-off

I love postwar British noir. There's a romantic edge to much of it, a mood of darkness but with a touch of hope. The British vs. American experience of WWII is likely part of the difference, as well as British... Continue Reading →

Noir and the Western: John Sturges

When The Midnite Drive-In unveiled plans for a Film Noir Blogathon, it was easy to opt in. The difficulty for a noir-centered blog was to pick a that I wasn't already going to cover anyway. Pretty much anything I post... Continue Reading →

Classic Movie History Project: Fritz Lang

For 2016's Classic Movie History Project Blogathon, I elected to write on Fritz Lang, as an example of foreign influence on classic Hollywood cinema. A vital, innovative writer and director in Germany (born in Austria) beginning with his first efforts in 1917,... Continue Reading →

If not for noir… Miklós Rózsa

Miklós Rózsa, Composer (18 April 1907 – 27 July 1995) My great affection for music has not translated into great attention to film scores and soundtracks. A few motifs and songs have penetrated, announcing themselves so potently or poignantly that they fuse... Continue Reading →

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