Inspired by the wit and absurdity of Crusty Pie and its Past Imperfect series (“Big Pictures, Tiny Stories”), I’ve been toying with the idea of making fun of noir intensity by putting humorous captions with specific noir images. It may work or fall flat, but what the hell: let’s give it a go. I’m calling these posts (assuming I do more): LAUGH OR ELSE, and they will feature lovely lethal mascot Annie Laurie Starr:

laugh or else copy



Bogey: Stop sulking, baby. How was I supposed to know she’d go for the same look?




Googie (in strapless dress, center): And now, ladies and gentlemen, our featured attraction! Watch as the lovely Ms. T turns this bunch of grapes to wine with only the power of her scorn at having to work in this dive!




Wifey (closing eyes to avoid reminder that she is married to a slimy monster): What a lovely gift, darling.

Hubs (closing eyes to avoid reminder that he is a slimy monster): I know, sweetheart.


So…funny? no? maybe?