If, like me, you’re suffering from seeing too much hate in word and deed around the world and especially at home, sickened by witnessing the ravings of a corrupt, feeble-minded fascist US president, and tired of mustering ever more moral compassion that requires ever more vigilance and #resistance: here is a somewhat arbitrary list of topically relevant films to help you #keepwoke and perhaps even laugh at the pathetic last gasps of white supremacy. I love all these films, but your mileage may vary.


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Crossfire (1947): Antisemitic violence among returning WWII soldiers is met with a powerful response by the descendants of immigrants. Very white, but very powerful, especially Robert Young’s anti-hate speech. Available free to screen at https://archive.org/details/Rancor1947Leg.


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Er ist Wieder Da (Look Who’s Back) (2015): Hitler awakes in 2015 to find himself homeless and then a superstar. A great critique of the media and corporate America, and the first German comedy about Hitler. Oliver Massuci is utterly magnetic as Hitler returned from the dead. Powerful and hilarious. Available on Netflix.


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Iron Sky (2012): Finland offers this portrait of Nazis who’ve been hiding and breeding on the moon until they return to earth in 2018. A bit outdated in its depiction of a Sarah Palin-style US president, but still generally a highly relevant political satire for the current regime. Available to rent via iTunes or Amazon, or free with Amazon Prime.


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What Our Fathers Did: A Nazi Legacy (2015): What allows one son to repudiate his Nazi father while another champions his and denies reality? Find out as human-rights lawyer Philippe Sands (the Jewish grandchild of Holocaust victims) interviews the aging sons of Nazis Frank and von Wächter. Powerful, poignant, and riveting. Available on Netflix.


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Dead Snow (2009): Enjoy the emotional catharsis of horror? Enjoy this Norwegian cabin film featuring Nazi zombies! Rent from iTunes or Amazon.


Meanwhile, my progressive friends, hang in there. The US is still the nation that elected a black man president by a significant majority of votes, twice.

And, as of this posting, 43% of voters want Trump impeached.