Found a “30-Day Movie Challenge” on Twitter and thought, what the hell, I’ll do it on my noir blog.

Day 01 – Your Favorite Movie

Like everyone else, I have several “favorite” movies. They range wildly by genre, era, nation, style, director, etc. But, since this is a noir blog, I’ll stick to Favorite Noir. And of course that’s equally impossible to get down to a single picture. So I’ll equivocate and give you the noir I love to watch and talk about most.



This late entry features ultra-noir cinematography, a truly sadistic villain, a femme fatale so worn-out her hair won’t curl, and queer hitmen. It shows the height of the genre as well as its exhaustion. And I just love watching it.

Big combo, The -F-01-907-1
Perhaps the most famous shot from the film, where lightness and dark are so stark they leave only silhouettes.

The full challenge (also see #30DayMovieChallenge on twitter):