Day 06: Your Favorite Comedy Movie

Here’s where this 30-day challenge gets tough for a noir blogger. If there is one thing noir isn’t, it’s comedy. There are a few satires, and bits of humor in some noir flicks, but noir and comedy are in many ways opposites. If we take black humor and combine it with noirish bleakness, however, we may wind up in the head of Terry Gilliam…

BRAZIL (1985)


“Dystopia meets absurdism” might be the best description of Brazil, a bleak tale of a failed Everyman. The film ranges from tragedy to broad comedy, sometimes mid-scene. And it compares well to noir pictures such as Detour, where our protagonist declares, “That’s life. Whichever way you turn, Fate sticks out a foot to trip you.” There’s far more to say about Brazil, but I do love the absurd excesses of the film, from its take on plastic surgery to its anarchist electrician. Funny and dark, in equal and perfect measure. For more than that in the context of noir, feel free to read this.


Note: As I was trying to decide which film to choose, I stumbled upon a book I’m going to buy as soon as I finish this post: