Day 07: A Movie That Makes You Happy

Like comedy, feeling “happy” watching noir isn’t a common experience. But on the edges of the genre/style, there are some pictures that do end so well that one can’t help but smile. Couple that with actors you love to watch, and you truly can find some noir that actually makes you happy.

KEY LARGO (1948)


Key Largo is a film I enjoy for multiple reasons and in multiple ways. Great performances abound with it’s stellar cast. I get particular pleasure watching Robinson in his over-the-top portrayal of Johnny Rocco. And I love the richness of the text, including its use of the storm as it drives plot, mood, and theme (in fact, I wrote about that for my first Blogathon entry). As for actually making me happy, the ending accomplishes that neatly, as hero Frank McCloud (Bogart) sheds his post-war cynicism and finds love, family, home, and even a touch of patriotism. (More of my comments on the film can be found here and here.)