Day 15: The First Movie You Saw in Theaters

Clearly, my folks didn’t take me to see film noir as a tot. I believe Disney’s Jungle Book was the first movie I saw in a theater, or at least it’s the first one I liked well enough to get the soundtrack LP for Hanukkah that year.

The first noir I saw in a theater was neo-noir, and frankly I didn’t know what I was seeing beyond being grossed out by Jack Nicholson getting his nose slit. I’m pretty sure my father wanted to see the film and my folks had recently divorced, so he took me and my brother along. He made several similar weird movie-viewing decisions around that time, including Cuckoo’s Nest (after which I cried all the way home as we listened to “Dream Weaver” on the radio, so the film and that song are inextricably tied for me) and Andy Warhol’s Frankenstein and Dracula at the drive-in (he thought they were the classic films, but we didn’t leave despite the pornographic ambiance…or maybe we did because I remember Dracula but not Frankenstein). Anyhow…