Day 18: A Movie that Disappointed You the Most

I’ve hinted at this for a past prompt from this list, but I confess I was most disappointed with Robert Mitchum’s 1970s Raymond Chandler films. I’ve already mentioned The Big Sleep (1978), so for this prompt that leaves an equally disappointing outing:



On the plus side, this film is much closer to the original novel than was Murder My Sweet (1944). It gets the period right (unlike The Big Sleep remake). And Robert Mitchum was born to play Marlowe. Unfortunately, in these films, he was playing it about 20 years too late.

Ageism is a serious issue, and I don’t take lightly when actors (particularly women) get fewer and fewer offers as they grow older. Nonetheless, a puffy, frowny Mitchum doesn’t work for this text. The Long Good-bye would’ve been a better choice, and I wish they’d have given that to Mitchum instead of Gould. Ah well.