B Noir Detour


November 2017

Movies, Predators, and #MeToo

As accusations against Hollywood predators are emerging faster than Republican senators trying to take away health care from the American public, I'm finding myself in a quandary as a film-lover and scholar. If we find a director or actor we... Continue Reading →

Five Hot Noir Messes

One of noir's most salient features is self-destruction. Some characters live and die by their own foolish hand; others are doomed by "fate." And a very few escape the worst part of themselves triumph -- or at least survive, mostly... Continue Reading →

Spy Noir and Nazi Agent (1942)

This post is brings together my ongoing interest in the films of Conrad Veidt (see introductory post here) and the history and definition of film noir. Film noir can be read and defined in multiple ways, depending on one's point... Continue Reading →

It’s Conrad Veidt Time

I tend to go through phases of interest, little fascinations or obsessions with individual facets of film, such as genre, era, actor, director, etc. I may watch a group of films by a certain director, watch an actor dally in... Continue Reading →

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