B Noir Detour


December 2017

Guilt, Gals, and Detective Story (1951)

Detective Story is a 1951 day-in-the-life police movie directed by William Wyler. It's a compelling but stagebound production, obviously a film adaptation of a play. The film features a powerful lead performance by Kirk Douglas as James McLeod, a hard-nosed, morally... Continue Reading →

Noir Stars in Romantic Comedies and Drama

Once upon a time, I watched so many films per week that I did a regular "Round-up." Life's gotten busier and I mix it up when I have time, including films, books, and podcasts. Politics are constantly on my mind,... Continue Reading →

A Few Words on Ace in the Hole

Wow, did I love Ace in the Hole (aka The Big Carnival) (1951). Like Gun Crazy (1950), it is one of those films I thought I knew only to find I didn't, and it's instantly become an obsession. It is a film that has... Continue Reading →

Looking Back at Gun Crazy

1950's Gun Crazy (Deadly is the Female) was hardly seen upon release, ignored by critics, and entirely ahead of its time. It's full of wonderful cinematographic flourishes, wildly creative mise-en-scene, and wicked sexually -- especially its link between sex and violence. It's Bonnie... Continue Reading →

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