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March 2018

Tabloid Noir: Scandal Sheet (1952)

There's a small subgenre of noir (or noirish) films that deal with journalism -- from tales of earnest wartime reporters to blackmailing magazine magnates. My favorite at the moment is Ace in the Hole (1950), which kept me riveted. At the bottom... Continue Reading →

The Sea Wolf: Cinema Shame for March

Although the banner lists "swashbuckler," the Cinema Shame March (or Maarrrghh) post identifies the pirate as another legitimate focus for their monthly prompt. I did despair of finding anything to write about for this noir blog on the subject, but... Continue Reading →

Casualty of Corruption: I Am A Fugitive from A Chain Gang (1932)

I like that 1932's I Am A Fugitive from a Chain Gang is identified by some as an example of film noir, primarily because it makes this review "on topic" for my blog. Sure, I see the bleak underside of the American Dream,... Continue Reading →


I tend to be a bit of an emotional sponge, so it takes planning and determination to put myself through some films, particularly intense realist dramas. I'm easier with books, as language provides an intellectual buffer. Films, on the other... Continue Reading →

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