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For all the "Detourettes" (folks who watch movies with @BNoirDetour on Sundays at 9pm ET via the hashtag #BNoirDetour), I've finally gotten around to typing up a BNOIR BINGO card! Take it out when you livetweet with us, or anytime... Continue Reading →

Laird Cregar: from noir to romcom

May is Laird Cregar Month at @BNoirDetour. For those new to this blog, let me explain that it began as a place to introduce weekly livetweets of mostly B noir films. A film livetweet involves a host selecting a movie... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home: Gothic Noir Month on #BNoirDetour

I so enjoyed the Sinister Summer noir-horror theme that I've decided to incorporate more into the @BNoirDetour schedule from time to time, and I'm also going to try a few more theme months. To end July and throughout August 2016, @BNoirDetour will... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Presents Sinister Summer 2016

I love watching, reading about, and writing about film noir. But I confess the weekly live tweet is getting a bit dull for me. After watching Robson/Lewton's The Seventh Victim  as a late-night feature with a bunch of the riffing crowd, I... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Film for 9/27: Pickup on South Street

Ok, so it's a cold war commie spy film with a thin plot, a low budget, and an implausible love story. But against that, I give you a thief for a main character whose non-patriotic persona pissed off J. Edgar... Continue Reading →

Film for 6/14: Guns, Girls, and Gangsters!

It's time to bring on the bad at #BNoirDetour! We've seen far too many films lately that have BNoirDetour viewers expressing appreciation for quality. Let's shake things up with the excessive dreck that is Guns, Girls, and Gangsters. Made past the... Continue Reading →

Films for 6/7: Black Angel (#BNoirDetour) and The Man Who Knew Too Much (#HitchGoesHollywood)

June 7 is the first Sunday of the month, so @BNoirDetour (9p ET) happily shares live tweet hosting duties with @MikeShayne and #HitchGoesHollywood (11p ET). (And both films include performances by Peter Lorre!) First, it's 1946's Black Angel, in which noir bad boy... Continue Reading →

Film for 5/24: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye

It's high time for some low Cagney-style crime!  Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye (1950) is the story of Ralph Cotter (James Cagney), who escapes prison, uses blackmail in an attempt to seduce his ex-partner's sister (Barbara Payton), starts up his crime business again,... Continue Reading →

Film for 5/17: Railroaded!

What's a crooked lug to do when he and his dame try to rob a bookie and the plan goes wrong? Frame an innocent man, of course! This Sunday, @BNoirDetour brings you Anthony Mann's 1947 crime drama Railroaded! From stick-ups... Continue Reading →

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