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Finger of Guilt / Intimate Stranger Review

I'm making a point of watching more Joseph Losey films, and I stumbled across this 1956 noir, filmed in England and starring both British and American actors. Losey is the director, though since he was blacklisted, he wasn't credited when... Continue Reading →

Face-off: La Chienne v Scarlet Street

I'm thrilled to return to my blog with discussion of two movies that deserve our attention. I've seen Scarlet Street (Lang 1945) many times, and yesterday I saw La Chienne (Renoir 1931) for the first time. Now I have a great fondness for both... Continue Reading →

So You Want to Host a Livetweet?

This post is advice from one livetweet host to others. Background: I created this blog more than two years ago to accompany the livetweet I had begun hosting on Sunday evenings. I still host and enjoy doing so for the... Continue Reading →

Walking to Hollywood: Podcasts for Noir Heads

The Film Noir Guy

Walking alone off the beaten path, I get to travel to Hollywood. In spirit at least. Along the way, I’ve found it beneficial to take with me a collection of go-to podcasts. Time and attention, the commodities most of us have too little of, can be impediments to the podcasting world. But because walking is a pretty regular retreat for me, I’ve found a way to circumvent these two thieves.

Here’s a look at one film noir podcast that helps me get there:

noir-1.jpegOut of the Past: produced by academic colleagues Richard Edwards and Shannon Clute, this podcast is the standard bearer of, in their words, the “canon of film noir” podcasts.

The series debuted in 2005 and ran until 2011. There were a few random episodes after 2011, but for all intents and purposes, the series ended with Episode 53: Out of the Past Act II.


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Feline Noir: Cats and Cinema’s Mean Streets

This is a must-read,

Twenty Four Frames

Film noirs have their stock characters: the dangerous double crossing dame with a gat strapped on her thigh and poison in her heart. There is  the flawed hero,  the male sap seduced into committing felonious misdeeds. There are crooked cops, squealers or weasels and other down and out losers.  And there are felines. I’m not talking about the feline like femme fatales,  like say Laruen Bacall, but the four legged felines. Like their human counterparts, cats walk those dark mean streets, they’re always on the hunt. They have attitude and they live on the edge.

rollo-on-the-edge-1-of-1 Living on the edge

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Desire and Disability in “Walk Softly, Stranger”

Released a year after The Third Man and advertised as an "exciting adventure" that re-pairs its stars (sans Welles), I read Walk Softly, Stranger (1950) instead as an opportunity to see Joseph Cotten do a fantastic job of playing hard-boiled and Alida... Continue Reading →

Screwball Comedy Face-off

In addition to noir, I love screwball comedy. In both Hollywood genres, gender roles are under scrutiny, "proper" behavior and appearance are questioned, and the issue of trust between the sexes is central. I could say more about the history... Continue Reading →

What I Watched for the Holidays

The past week+ has been filled with family reunions, overeating, and glorious downtime filled with films. Did I watch some on a plane? Did family time make me insane? Did I watch and expect less? Were some a fun and... Continue Reading →

Children in Film Noir

All movies express social values, or the erosion of those values, through the ways in which they depict both institutions and relations between people. -Sylvia Harvey The style and content of the original US film noir cycle (1940s-50s) emerged at... Continue Reading →

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