B Noir Detour

30-Day Movie Challenge: Day 13

Day 13: A Movie That You Used to Love But Now You Hate This prompt is easier in reverse for me and noir, as I didn't like Scarlet Street, Kiss Me Deadly, or Night of the Hunter much upon first viewing, but I've... Continue Reading →


30-Day Movie Challenge: Day 12

Day 12: Your Favorite Animated Movie Once again, not the best topic for noir. So, as I've done previously, I'm going to give this one to my favorite animated short with a tasty noir flavor. Enjoy. KEY LIME PIE (Trevor... Continue Reading →

30-Day Movie Challenge: Day 11

Day 11: Your Favorite Movie from Your Childhood Needless to say, I didn't watch noir as a child. My strongest childhood memory of seeing a film at a theater was watching Disney's Fantasia (1940) with my Bubbe (grandmother) in the 70s.... Continue Reading →

30-Day Movie Challenge: Day 10

Day 10: Your Favorite Director Yikes. These are getting tougher. I could go simple and just choose an auteur like Hitchcock or a prolific talent like Fritz Lang. I adore Billy Wilder and his talents in multiple genres. I'm even... Continue Reading →

30-Day Movie Challenge: Day 09

Day 09: A Movie That You Know Practically the Whole Script Of This mouthful of a prompt is a tough one for me because the films I know practically the whole script of tend to be comedies, from Young Frankenstein to Some... Continue Reading →

30-Day Movie Challenge: Day 08

Day 08: A Movie that Makes You Sad The film I'm choosing for this prompt is not a sad film, per se. It actually ends "happily." It's fascinating for its queer elements as well as one of the most feminist... Continue Reading →

30-Day Challenge: Day 07

Day 07: A Movie That Makes You Happy Like comedy, feeling "happy" watching noir isn't a common experience. But on the edges of the genre/style, there are some pictures that do end so well that one can't help but smile.... Continue Reading →

30-Day Movie Challenge: Day 06

Day 06: Your Favorite Comedy Movie Here's where this 30-day challenge gets tough for a noir blogger. If there is one thing noir isn't, it's comedy. There are a few satires, and bits of humor in some noir flicks, but... Continue Reading →

30-Day Movie Challenge: Day 05

Day 05: Your Favorite Drama Movie Well, most of noir fits this category, I suppose. If "Drama Movie" means serious presentation of realistic characters and situations that shows human beings at their best or worst, then the best noir drama... Continue Reading →

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