B Noir Detour



Blast of Silence

I haven't written for a Blogathon in a while, and a focus on 1961 offered a fun challenge: can I find film noir in 1961 America? A quick search brought up a low-budget thriller that I couldn't resist: Blast of Silence. Having... Continue Reading →

The Doctor in A Woman’s Face (1938 v 1941)

I've already written about disability in and compared the two versions of A Woman's Face, the original Swedish film starring a young, talented Ingrid Bergman (Gustaf Molander, 1938) and the George Cukor remake starring Joan Crawford (1941). But when Charlene's (Mostly) Classic... Continue Reading →

Tearjerking and Mrs. Quilliam

I confess it: I'm a cryer. Not every sad film -- not even most -- can bring the wet stuff out of me, but if something hits me in hard in the feels: when it rains, it pours. The videos most... Continue Reading →

Key Lime Pie: one of my favorite cartoons

Hello! I'm happy to be participating in MovieMovieBlogBlog's second annual blogathon for some of our favorite cartoons. I love Disney's Fantasia, I've cosplayed as Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time, I have an abiding affection for the anime Inuyasha, and Saitoshi Kon is a... Continue Reading →

Monty Python Did Noir? No, but Terry Gilliam Did

I love participating in film Blogathons.They give you a prompt, and off you long as you can think of something for the prompt that you want to write about. When you're a noir blog, that can be either easy... Continue Reading →

Dead Ringer: Dual Roles Blogathon

Like your scenery well-chewed? Like to keep murder in the family? Like Karl Malden as a romantic interest? Like Peter all? Like Bette Davis, however you can get her? If you answered yes to some or all of these... Continue Reading →

Ingrid Bergman in Arch of Triumph

I love Ingrid Bergman. I love her acting, her beauty, her charisma, her strength of personality on the screen. So of course I am joining in the 2nd annual Ingrid Bergman Blogathon, hosted by The Wonderful World of Cinema. And,... Continue Reading →

Noir and the Western: John Sturges

When The Midnite Drive-In unveiled plans for a Film Noir Blogathon, it was easy to opt in. The difficulty for a noir-centered blog was to pick a that I wasn't already going to cover anyway. Pretty much anything I post... Continue Reading →

Classic Movie History Project: Fritz Lang

For 2016's Classic Movie History Project Blogathon, I elected to write on Fritz Lang, as an example of foreign influence on classic Hollywood cinema. A vital, innovative writer and director in Germany (born in Austria) beginning with his first efforts in 1917,... Continue Reading →

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