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For all the "Detourettes" (folks who watch movies with @BNoirDetour on Sundays at 9pm ET via the hashtag #BNoirDetour), I've finally gotten around to typing up a BNOIR BINGO card! Take it out when you livetweet with us, or anytime... Continue Reading →

Laird Cregar: from noir to romcom

May is Laird Cregar Month at @BNoirDetour. For those new to this blog, let me explain that it began as a place to introduce weekly livetweets of mostly B noir films. A film livetweet involves a host selecting a movie... Continue Reading →

September is Jules Dassin Noir Month on #BNoirDetour

With a little luck and assistance from YouTube and, September will be Jules Dassin noir month on #BNoirDetour, live tweets every Sunday at 9pm ET. Here's a little preview reel set to the song "Rififi" from Rififi: The Schedule:... Continue Reading →

Welcome Home: Gothic Noir Month on #BNoirDetour

I so enjoyed the Sinister Summer noir-horror theme that I've decided to incorporate more into the @BNoirDetour schedule from time to time, and I'm also going to try a few more theme months. To end July and throughout August 2016, @BNoirDetour will... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Presents Sinister Summer 2016

I love watching, reading about, and writing about film noir. But I confess the weekly live tweet is getting a bit dull for me. After watching Robson/Lewton's The Seventh Victim  as a late-night feature with a bunch of the riffing crowd, I... Continue Reading →

BNoirDetour Mother’s Day Feature: Jeopardy

This Sunday is Mother's Day, and BND will be paying tribute to Mom, particularly to the 1950s stereotype of the woman who will do anything for her family...even flirting with ruin! Jeopardy (1953) features Barbara Stanwyck as the spunky self-sacrificing... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Film for 4/24: City Streets

Let's roll back to 1931 and enjoy a fabulous pre-Code pre-noir together! City Streets (1931) is a pre-Code adventure ("Throbbing with thrills!") about Nan (Sylvia Sidney -- who replaced an ill Clara Bow in the role), a mobster's daughter, who falls... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Film for Sunday 4/17: Where the Sidewalk Ends

Where the Sidewalk Ends (1950) is full of noir cred, produced and directed as it is by Otto Preminger (Laura, Fallen Angel, Angel Face), based on a screenplay by Ben Hecht (Spellbound, Notorious, Kiss of Death), and featuring Dana Andrews (Laura,... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Feature for 4/10: King Creole

Until last week, I never knew Elvis did a noir picture. Haven't found it discussed in the history and criticism I've been reading, and I confess fully that I'm no Elvis fan. I share Public Enemy's critique and before King Creole, I'd... Continue Reading →

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