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#BNoirDetour for 2/7: Hitchcock Double Feature

Sunday, February 7, 2016 brings an important media event to our screens. No, it's not the Super Bowl; it's the return of Hitchcock to #BNoirDetour in two classic noiresque features! Because of his distinctive auteur signature, Hitchcock films are rarely... Continue Reading →

Films for 10/4: #BNoirDetour and #HitchGoesHollywood

This Sunday, we'll screen two moody films with all-star casts and fabulous directors. The first is Phone Call from a Stranger (#BNoirDetour, 9pm ET), a lesser-known film directed by Jean Negulesco; the second is one of Hitchcock's most famous -- and the last and... Continue Reading →

Films for 9/6: Welles and Hitchcock Night!

Come join the live tweet pleasures this Labor Day Weekend with a #BNoirDetour + #HitchGoesHollywood double header featuring two of the directing Big Boys: Welles and Hitchcock: THE STRANGER (1946) #BNoirDetour 9pm ET At 9pm ET, #BNoirDetour invites you to... Continue Reading →

Films for 8/2: #BNoirDetour and #HitchGoesHollywood

This Sunday is double live tweet night once again, featuring films for #BNoirDetour and #HitchGoesHollywood (with host @mikeshayne). SHACK OUT ON 101 (1955) Our first feature is the Cold War late-noir delight Shack Out on 101. Its lowbrow appeal is perhaps best... Continue Reading →

Films for 7/5: Turn the Key Softly (#BNoirDetour) & Young and Innocent (#HitchGoesHollywood)

If the 4th of July has given you an adequate dose of American culture, join #BNoirDetour and #HitchGoesHollywood this Sunday for a double dose of British film. #BNoirDetour: TURN THE KEY SOFTLY Turn the Key Softly (1953) tells the tale... Continue Reading →

Films for 6/7: Black Angel (#BNoirDetour) and The Man Who Knew Too Much (#HitchGoesHollywood)

June 7 is the first Sunday of the month, so @BNoirDetour (9p ET) happily shares live tweet hosting duties with @MikeShayne and #HitchGoesHollywood (11p ET). (And both films include performances by Peter Lorre!) First, it's 1946's Black Angel, in which noir bad boy... Continue Reading →

Introducing #HitchGoesHollywood: A Monthly #BNoirDetour Spinoff

Last week, BNoirDetour pushed genre boundaries to invite in a Hitchcock film for our riffing pleasure, The 39 Steps. Since then, a number of #BNoirDetour regulars expressed a desire to live tweet more of the director's work, and Hitchcock aficionado @mikeshayne... Continue Reading →

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