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If not for noir

If not for noir… Miklós Rózsa

Miklós Rózsa, Composer (18 April 1907 – 27 July 1995) My great affection for music has not translated into great attention to film scores and soundtracks. A few motifs and songs have penetrated, announcing themselves so potently or poignantly that they fuse... Continue Reading →

If not for noir #2: Googie Withers

Time for the second in my new series of posts on the individuals and film elements I'd never have gotten the chance to wax fannish over if not for my interest in film noir. IF NOT FOR NOIR #2: GOOGIE... Continue Reading →

If not for noir #1: Richard Widmark

I've decided to try out a new regular feature: "If not for noir." In each post, I'll be discussing someone or something I wouldn't have appreciated as much as I do now (or at all, in a few cases) if... Continue Reading →

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