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Discovering The Search (1948)

As a lover of 1940s film and the noir mood in many films throughout the decade, I want to talk about a non-noir film, The Search (1948). There are tangential noir connections, including mood and style. There is the darkness of the... Continue Reading →

Race, Gender, and Bright (2017)

I finally got around to watching the hearty yet heartburn-inducing stew that is Bright (2017). I haven't yet decided the exact proportions of its recipe, but it definitely relies on servings of a number of past films and trends, including the... Continue Reading →

All the King’s Men (1949)

Along with my list of films to see in 2018 as part of the Cinema Shame challenge, I'm going to try to do some of their monthly prompts. For February, we are tasked with seeing and blogging about an Oscar winner... Continue Reading →

Screwball Comedy Face-off

In addition to noir, I love screwball comedy. In both Hollywood genres, gender roles are under scrutiny, "proper" behavior and appearance are questioned, and the issue of trust between the sexes is central. I could say more about the history... Continue Reading →

Luring Me into the Cinema

What does it take to lure me out of my comfy home and into costly and less comfy movie theaters of an evening? Increasingly, quite a lot. Most of what Hollywood is putting out is derivative dreck. An overload of... Continue Reading →

The Non-Noir Files: The Witch (2015)

My palate for films is far more expansive than noir, and sometimes I want to get my thoughts down. Thus, rather than starting another blog, I welcome you to...  (a.k.a. posts in which I review whatever I feel like reviewing)... Continue Reading →

She Couldn’t Take It (1935): A Screwball-Gangster Delight

  I kinda have a thing for George Raft. I love his combination of toughness and sweetness, his sexy eyes, slender frame, and elegant body language. And he sure knows how to wear a hat. Raft's a man who started out... Continue Reading →

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