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Best Noir Face-off: Final Round!

At last, we've reached the final round. It's fun to see that there are a few significant differences from the previous Best Noir poll, in part because we began by star-in-film and not just film, but also because the wild... Continue Reading →

Best Noir Poll Round 5

All righty, the choices are getting slimmer, and we're all watching our favorites vanish as well as seeing a few triumph. In Round 4, the biggest winner was Out of the Past which took 100% of the vote over Detour. And The Killers... Continue Reading →

Best Noir Poll, Round 4

Wow, it's getting really tough. Round 3 had 33 participants, 1 tie, and 3 winners by a single vote: Out of the Past beat The Maltese Falcon by a single vote. Night and the City beat Touch of Evil by a single vote.... Continue Reading →

Best Noir Poll: Round 3!

Apologies for the delay and posting the Round 2 results -- visiting family with crappy wifi is simply dreadful! We had 34 participants in Round 2, and the winners (as listed below in Round 3) all won by a minimum... Continue Reading →

Best Noir Poll: Round 2

We had 33 participants for Round 1. Within the new poll, you can see which two films won the first round, by order of votes. There were no 3-way ties, and only one 2-way tie (for Lang's films). I saw several... Continue Reading →

Best Noir Film Face-off Poll, Round 1

Dear Noir Lovers, I said I probably wouldn't do another poll for Best anything, but since I never say never, here we are. Below is a poll in which you are asked to pick your favorite noir films based upon their... Continue Reading →

Noir Star Face-off: The Winners

Dear Ladies, Gentlemen, and the Rest of Us: As many predicted, here are the winners of the first (and likely last) Noir Star Face-off: Both won by double the votes for the second placers (Trevor and Widmark) and by even... Continue Reading →

Noir Stars Face-off: Round 2 Results / Round 3 Poll

For Round 2 of the Noir Stars Face-off, there were 32 total votes, and each winner won by at least 2 votes.   Barbara Stanwyck 66% Ida Lupino 34% Claire Trevor 56% Gloria Grahame 44% Lauren Bacall 88% Rita Hayworth... Continue Reading →

Noir Star Face-off: Round 2 Poll!

Round 2 Poll (please complete and share with or repost for fellow noir lovers):

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