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Weekly Round-up

Noir Stars in Romantic Comedies and Drama

Once upon a time, I watched so many films per week that I did a regular "Round-up." Life's gotten busier and I mix it up when I have time, including films, books, and podcasts. Politics are constantly on my mind,... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screenings: Haunting

I spent a week watching films that have had a rather haunting effect on me, though none are outright horror. In the process, I deepened my appreciation for Conrad Veidt and Laika Studios. The Man Who Laughs (1928): The more... Continue Reading →

Many Home Screenings: the headcold edition

The misery of a summer cold can best be dealt with by staying home, taking meds to ease the symptoms, hot toddy-drinking, and a film festival in bed. That's how I've spent my week, anyhow. Here are the cinematic results:... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screenings: From Powerful to Putrid and Back

The last few days proved a very odd mix of media watching. From the 1930s to 2014, and from powerful to putrid and back again. Hangmen Also Die! (1943) is one of Fritz Lang's best Hollywood anti-Nazi films. Sure, the... Continue Reading →

Screening Round-up

Quite a disparate trio to review... Tobacco Road (1941): Both compelling and hard to take in its extremely broad stereotypes, this John Ford tale of inbred hillbillies. To avoid offending religious folk and to skirt the cultural critique, Ford described... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screening: Catch-up

I've been remiss at covering all the films I've been screening lately -- including some real gems and a dud or two. This post will help me do some catching up, and as a reward for your generosity in reading,... Continue Reading →

Screening Round-up Catch-up

Getting caught up on some viewings for the past few weeks means covering mostly noir but a few others as well, including an old film I saw anew and a flick with an amazing cast that I didn't finish! Border... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screenings: Operation Diplomat and Race Street

A busy week then a trip out of state limited my usual screening indulgences, so just two for now: Operation Diplomat (1953): The more I watch Guy Rolfe, the more I like him. He's enjoyable in this tale of a... Continue Reading →

Wandering through 1931…and ending up in 1950

    When time, inclination, and available titles permit, I love to wander through a group of films through whatever logic takes my fancy. Of late, that's almost always centered in noir, but I never stay just there. This week,... Continue Reading →

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