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March 2016

Noir Stars Face-off: Round 2 Results / Round 3 Poll

For Round 2 of the Noir Stars Face-off, there were 32 total votes, and each winner won by at least 2 votes.   Barbara Stanwyck 66% Ida Lupino 34% Claire Trevor 56% Gloria Grahame 44% Lauren Bacall 88% Rita Hayworth... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screening Round-up

Three more films from the 40s-50s this week. Desk Set (1957): I'm not a fan of Tracy-Hepburn flicks, and this tops the least favorite list for me as of now. I watched it with a friend who'd been wanting to... Continue Reading →

#BNoir Detour for 3/27: Easter Double Bill with #SatMat

For some of us, 3/27/16 will be Chocolate Candy Egg Overdose Day. For others, it's Easter. But, like every Sunday, it's also #BNoirDetour. And we wouldn't dream of disappointing you. In fact, @SatMatTweet (aka MovieMovieBlogBlog) put our heads together to... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screening Round-up

It was quite a variety-platter week, and I ate it up! Up the River (1930): Early Bogart! Early Spencer Tracy! Early John Ford! A triple threat in a dramedy about life behind bars. If you didn't know it was directed by... Continue Reading →

Noir Star Face-off: Round 2 Poll!

Round 2 Poll (please complete and share with or repost for fellow noir lovers):

Noir Star Face-off: Round 1 Results

A week has passed and the results are in for Round 1! Total voters: 37 (though not everyone voted on every pair)   Female Claire Trevor 59% Joan Crawford 41% Ida Lupino 51% Lizabeth Scott 49% Lauren Bacall 64% Gene... Continue Reading →

#BNoirDetour Film for 3/20: No Man of Her Own

Despite recently learning from the amazing podcast You Must Remember This that Barbara Stanwyck and husband Robert Taylor were staunch conservatives -- with Taylor famous for naming names and stating the he wanted to send all communists in Hollywood "back to... Continue Reading →

Noir Star Face-Off: Join in!

I love joining pop culture polls, so I've decided to try a Noir Stars Face-off. Please join in! Below are a series of pairings. For each, select your favorite. If you don't know one or both of the actors, look... Continue Reading →

Weekly Screening Round-up

A busy week meant only a little film time... Dark City (1950): I stumbled onto this film via YouTube, surprised to find its title shared by the 1998 neo-noir. I was then surprised to find it was Charlton Heston's first leading... Continue Reading →

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