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May 2016

#BNoirDetour Presents Sinister Summer 2016

I love watching, reading about, and writing about film noir. But I confess the weekly live tweet is getting a bit dull for me. After watching Robson/Lewton's The Seventh Victim  as a late-night feature with a bunch of the riffing crowd, I... Continue Reading →

Thinking Through Touch of Evil

"By the middle of the Fifties film noir had ground to a halt. There were a few notable stragglers, Kiss Me Deadly, the Lewis/Alton The Big Combo, and film noir's epitaph, Touch of Evil..." -Paul Shrader, "Notes on Film Noir" (1972) "If observers of film... Continue Reading →

Basking and Bitching: My Two Cents on Film Blogging

I've decided to indulge in a post on what to me constitutes the best and worst of film blogging. I've been brooding on the subject for some time as I alternately learn, bask, and cringe at what I see in the... Continue Reading →

Best Noir Poll: Round 2

We had 33 participants for Round 1. Within the new poll, you can see which two films won the first round, by order of votes. There were no 3-way ties, and only one 2-way tie (for Lang's films). I saw several... Continue Reading →

Monty, the Dog Savior of Obsession/The Hidden Room

So, your spouse is cheating on you, again, and you've had enough. You decide the lover must die, but you don't want to land in jail for murder. How do you best cope with this common noir problem, and what... Continue Reading →

Announcing the Back-to-School Blogathon!

Check it out!

Pop Culture Reverie

From kindergarten to college, from St. Trinian’s to Rydell High, schools and classrooms have provided the background for multitudinous films. Dedicated teachers, evil vice principals, nerds, mean girls, precocious children, slackers, geniuses, jocks, and misfits have populated films throughout the history of the medium.


On September 2-5, it’s time to go Back To School!!!


1. Feel free to write about any topic relating to school and the movies.  The choice is yours. As long as the topic relates to school and film (from any era), it’s more than welcome.

2. Because there are so many potential topics and films, no duplicates for this blogathon.

3. To express your interest in participating in the blogathon, leave a comment on my blog, along with the name and URL of your blog, and the subject you wish to cover, or you can always register by email at: For those of you who…

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Wandering through 1931…and ending up in 1950

    When time, inclination, and available titles permit, I love to wander through a group of films through whatever logic takes my fancy. Of late, that's almost always centered in noir, but I never stay just there. This week,... Continue Reading →

Best Noir Film Face-off Poll, Round 1

Dear Noir Lovers, I said I probably wouldn't do another poll for Best anything, but since I never say never, here we are. Below is a poll in which you are asked to pick your favorite noir films based upon their... Continue Reading →

Classic Movie Blogathon: Happy Endings

When you host a noir blog, it takes a bit of extra thought when an Ice Cream Social Blogathon comes your way (courtesy of Movies Silently) with the goal of spreading classic movie cheer. Quickly, however, I realized that this blogathon... Continue Reading →

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