B Noir Detour

Films for a Racist, Trumped Nation

If, like me, you're suffering from seeing too much hate in word and deed around the world and especially at home, sickened by witnessing the ravings of a corrupt, feeble-minded fascist US president, and tired of mustering ever more moral... Continue Reading →

How to Enjoy Curse of the Cat People

I'm not a fan of Cat People (Tourneur/Lewton, 1942). I value it historically and appreciate it within the context of B noir-horror. But I don't particularly enjoy watching it. So, I postponed watching the sequel, Curse of the Cat People (Wise/Lewton, 1944)... Continue Reading →

Robert Mitchum: 100 Years

This summer, Nashville's one-and-only Belcourt Theatre offers an awesome opportunity for fans to join in "Robert Mitchum: 100 Years." Films include Cape Fear and El Dorado, welcome big-screen events. For noir lovers, it's even grander, including Saturday and Sunday screenings of Out of the Past, Angel... Continue Reading →

Sexy Women and The Big Sleep

It's time for MovieMovie BlogBlog's 3rd Annual Sex! blogathon. I wrote about Born to Kill in 2015, and last year I was all about sex, violence, and Scarlet Street. For 2017, I'm basking in the seductive women of Howard Hawks' The Big Sleep... Continue Reading →

The Doctor in A Woman’s Face (1938 v 1941)

I've already written about disability in and compared the two versions of A Woman's Face, the original Swedish film starring a young, talented Ingrid Bergman (Gustaf Molander, 1938) and the George Cukor remake starring Joan Crawford (1941). But when Charlene's (Mostly) Classic... Continue Reading →

Laird Cregar: from noir to romcom

May is Laird Cregar Month at @BNoirDetour. For those new to this blog, let me explain that it began as a place to introduce weekly livetweets of mostly B noir films. A film livetweet involves a host selecting a movie... Continue Reading →

Five Stars for National Classic Movie Day!

Who knew there was a "Classic Movie Day"? I sure didn't, but I'm sure willing to participate in Classic Film and TV Cafe's Five Stars Blogathon today. My mission is to list my five favorite movie stars and explain why... Continue Reading →

Nazi Noir: The Murderers are Among Us

When I came across a reference to the 1946 German film The Murderers are Among Us (orig. title Die Mörder sind unter uns), it was for a Region 2 Blu-ray giveaway. As a student of both film noir and the Holocaust, I... Continue Reading →

Tearjerking and Mrs. Quilliam

I confess it: I'm a cryer. Not every sad film -- not even most -- can bring the wet stuff out of me, but if something hits me in hard in the feels: when it rains, it pours. The videos most... Continue Reading →

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