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Night Caller, The (1965)

Enjoy this delightful review


Noirish Science Fiction?

vt Blood Beast from Outer Space; vt Night Caller from Outer Space
UK / 84 minutes / bw (though there’s also a later colorized release) / New Art, Armitage, Butcher’s Dir: John Gilling Pr: Ronald Liles Scr: Jim O’Connolly Story:The Night Callers (1960) by Frank R. Crisp Cine: Stephen Dade Cast: John Saxon, Maurice Denham, Patricia Haines, Alfred Burke, Warren Mitchell, Stanley Meadows, Aubrey Morris, Ballard Berkeley, Marianne Stone, Geoffrey Lumsden, Barbara French, Anthony Wager, David Gregory, Romo Gorrara, Robert Crewdson, John Carson, Jack Watson.


Some while back I came across a reference to this as an intriguing example of a film noir/science fiction crossover. I discovered I’d bought a copy of the thing years ago but never watched it, so out I dug it. And now, finally, the watching’s been done.


Three scientists at Falsley Park Government Radio and Electronic Research Establishment—they’re…

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Luring Me into the Cinema

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River (TV 2015) Abi Morgan

Nordic neo-noir at its finest.

Journeys in Darkness and Light

stellan-skarsgard-riverRiver (TV 2015) Created by Abi Morgan
Netflix (6 episodes, approx. one hour each)

It’s a show you probably haven’t seen and probably haven’t even heard anyone talking about, which is understandable. With all of the TV shows to choose from out there, this Netflix original (borrowed from BBC One) could easily slip past you. But it shouldn’t.

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The Non-Noir Files: The Witch (2015)

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The Scarlet Hour and Pushover: The Double Indemnity Knock-off Face-off

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Weekly Screenings: Haunting

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laugh or else

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