This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and BND will be paying tribute to Mom, particularly to the 1950s stereotype of the woman who will do anything for her family…even flirting with ruin!

00 Jeop

Jeopardy (1953) features Barbara Stanwyck as the spunky self-sacrificing mum who must save her husband (Barry Sullivan) from certain death, even at the cost of losing her virtue and her freedom to a murderous criminal (Ralph Meeker, a few years before he’d become noir’s hardest-boiled bad boy Mike Hammer in the infamous Kiss Me Deadly).

00 jeop2
A SuperMom is always prepared…
00 jeop3
…for anything!

Can she save hubby’s life without ruining her own? Tune in and find out just what a 1950s Hollywood SuperMom can do!

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