Hello! I’m happy to be participating in MovieMovieBlogBlog‘s second annual blogathon for some of our favorite cartoons. I love Disney’s Fantasia, I’ve cosplayed as Lady Rainicorn from Adventure Time, I have an abiding affection for the anime Inuyasha, and Saitoshi Kon is a favorite filmmaker. Of course, none of these — or many other cartoons I love — are noir. But one is: the amazing animated short “Key Lime Pie” is. Let’s dig in.


Created and voiced in 2007 by Trevor Jimenez, “Key Lime Pie” tells the tale of a tough guy whose addiction to key lime pie brings him face to face with the Grim Reaper. The style is all noir, and the message is deliciously grim. It’s no surprise that Jimenez has gone on to be part of the art department for animated films including Rio (2011) and Finding Dory (2016).

To me, “Key Lime Pie” is a creative noir homage and paean to the things we love that we know will be the death of us. (Certainly, if I wasn’t afraid of a visit from the Grim Reaper, I’d be a key lime pie addict myself.)

See for yourself: