This will be a short one because this was a busy, crazy week and I didn’t watch much. But I did enjoy what I did watch.

River (2015): I completed the six-part series and truly enjoyed it. But I also devoted a blog post to it, which you can read here. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Transparent, season 2 (2015): I’ve only watched the first three episodes of the second season so far, but I do love this painful comedy series about glorious trainwreck of a family. I particularly love the Jewishness, full of ethnic neurosis in a way that’s hilariously familiar, and of course Jeffrey Tambor, who is simply fantastic as Maura. RECOMMENDED.

Jeeves and Wooster (1990-93): To cope with the crazy and come down from the busy, nothing delights more than returning to a favorite series. Hubs and I watched six episodes over the past two nights, glorying in the Fry and Laurie splendor. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

I’m sure next week will offer a more full slate. Thanks for reading.